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Dr. Jon Jacob

mihealth™ is about connecting patients and physicians without getting locked in a complicated process. That’s because it allows physicians to check in on patients and stay up-to-date with their medical histories via the mihealth network. So when patients come in for a consultation, physicians can get right to caring for them versus checking over their paperwork.

Ted Hughes

If you have loved ones with health issues, consider mihealth™. It not only provides secure access to their medical records but also let’s you know their medications, doctors’ names and so much more.

Linda McMurty

In a connected world, security means everything. Especially when it comes to sharing personal health information online. That’s why mihealth™ only uses Platinum-level security to manage your personal information. In fact, it’s more secure than most Canadian banking sites.

Olivia Ramirez

When it comes to addressing health questions, mihealth™ has answers. With the ability to direct message physicians, mihealth™ makes it easy to get the answers you need, when you need them. Plus, you can update your family’s medical records so when you visit a doctor, you can focus on treatment instead of reviewing the past.


Benefits at a Glance

For Patients

  • Anytime, anywhere access to your health information via an internet connection or smart phone
  • Platinum-level, password protected security
  • Secure messaging
  • Share all or part of your medical information with family members/circle of care
  • View lab results
  • Make appointments
  • And plenty more

For Physicians

  • Connect to your patients like never before with 24/7 access to their health information
  • Platinum-level, password protected security
  • Secure messaging
  • More information at your fingertips to help you make better decisions (see Olivia Ramirez)
  • Check in on patients and encourage more proactive care
  • And plenty more

Our Mission

mihealth™ empowers patients with the information they require to take better control of their own health and wellness. This approach not only reduces dependency on the health care system but also facilitates a proactive approach to health management so overall health and wellness can improve dramatically.