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Who qualifies as a primary care provider?
Your primary care provider is the person who handles the majority of your healthcare needs. He/she may be a physician (MD), a physician assistant (PA), a licensed nurse practitioner (LNP), etc.

1. Make Sure Your
Provider is Participating

To be eligible for a mihealth™ subscription, your primary care provider must also be participating in mihealth™. Let us know who your provider is and we'll let you know if he or she is participating.

Check Participation

or call your provider directly.

Is your provider participating in mihealth™?

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2. Obtain a
Registration Code

If your physician is a member of the mihealth™ network, visit his/her clinic to obtain a registration code. You* will need to bring a valid health ID with photo**.

*All adults must present their ID in person. Children may be vouched for by a parent or guardian.

**If your health ID doesn't have a photo, you must also present a government-issued photo ID.

3. Activate
Your Subscription

Once you have a registration code*, you can enter it here:

Validating Your Registration Code

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*You will only need this code for the registration process.

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Family Package $189.00 per year

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