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Connect With Your Physician

Get familiar with some key mihealth™ patient features:

Physicians Validate Your Information

All information in your mihealth™ account is physician validated for more immediate and effective care.

24/7 Access

Access your health network via the web and your mobile device whenever you choose.

Platinum-level Security

Your information is kept confidential with a degree of security that surpasses most banking websites.

Connect to Your Family’s Care

Instantly access your dependants’ health information and allow family members to be involved with your care.

Ease of Use

Schedule appointments, direct message your doctor, review lab results and more with at-a-touch commands.


How Much Does mihealth™ Cost?

We have four subscription plans to meet your specific needs:


$59 per year

*includes one adult


$112 per year

*includes two adults and no children

+ $59 for each additional adult

Family of Three*

$168 per year

*includes two adults and
one child age 15 and under

+ $59 for each additional adult

Family of Four*

$224 per year

*includes two adults and two children age 15 and under

+ $40 for each additional child
+ $59 for each additional adult


*All prices are in Canadian Currency and do not include applicable taxes.
**No refunds for credit card payments processed.

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Take It With You

mihealth works on Apple, Windows, Android and Blackberry platforms.