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What is mihealth™ and what does it do?

mihealth™ gives you a secure line of communication with your Doctor. It's a new way to organize and manage most of your critical health information, to have it accessible by you 24/7, and to communicate through its messaging function with your family physician.

Whether accessing mihealth™ from your smartphone or via the patient website, you can send your health information to an email address or fax machine number so that you can provide a clinic or physician with your health information whenever needed.

What if my Physician isn't participating yet?

If your Physician isn't participating yet, you can start managing your health records now with mihealthView™. Then when your provider signs on you can upgrade to the full version, have your information transferred and have secure messaging with your doctor.

What is mihealthView™?

mihealthView™ lets you access your personal health records safely and securely wherever you go - current medications, vaccination and immunization histories, allergies and more.

Through the secure mihealth™ network, mihealthView™ also let’s you safely share important information with relatives and your care provider. Then when your provider signs on, you can upgrade to the full version, and transfer all your information safely and easily.

What if I lose my phone?

When you create a HealthPass, you’ll specify a 6-digit number to use as a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Every time you want to use your phone to access your health information, you’ll be required to enter the PIN. If someone finds your lost or stolen phone and attempts to access your information, they will have only 5 attempts to guess your PIN. After that, the connection between your phone and your health information will be erased, protecting your data from unauthorized visitors.

If my information gets erased, do I have to enter it all over again?

No. Your health information is stored on a secure server. The only thing erased when someone tries and fails to enter the correct PIN is the connection between the phone and the server. The information is preserved and can be restored when your phone is recovered or replaced.

How do I restore information to my mobile phone?

On the secure website (, the HealthPass you created originally will still be available. You can choose to Restore, and your information will again become available from the mobile phone.

Can I view my information without my mobile phone?

Yes. You can see all your saved information on the secure website (, after logging on with your username and password.

Can I edit my information after I’ve entered it on the website?

You can edit your health information up until your care provider reviews and validates the data you entered. Once the information has been validated, it is “locked.” In order to change an entry after it has been validated, call your provider’s office. He/she will be able to either change the entry for you, or “unlock” it so you can change the entry yourself. Once you’ve re-entered your information, it will have to go through the validation process again. You can edit other information at any time.

Can I edit my information from my mobile phone?

No, not at this time. All entries and edits must be made via the secure website ( However, you can access the updated entries from your phone—if you accept the prompt to Sync when you open the application.

Does this application use text messaging?

SMS text messaging is not secure enough to send actual patient information, so mihealth™ uses SMS text messaging only to notify you that new content is available. The content itself can be accessed only through the application.

What phones does it work on?

mihealth™ runs on Apple®, Windows®, Android™ and Blackberry® platforms.

Do I need a data plan on my phone?

Yes. mihealth™ requires an Internet connection to run on a mobile phone. Though certain devices may support WiFi and manage a connection that way, the best way to ensure a dependable Internet connection is through a data plan.